AUX-APU ENGAGED UT 06:06:06 08.27.2552

Hangar Terminal Access D <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (local mode) UT 06:06:06 08.27.2552

...but the sun is shining, however dimly. On my half of it, anyway. Watch out for the ice. A bit slippery, and you're never sure what's frozen in there.

My new neighbourhood isn't very friendly. A bit run down, and the people, well... I could tell tales. But that would be gossiping.

The place was built to last, I'll give it that. Roomy, too. Might be a vermin problem, though. The previous owners didn't clean out their cupboards very well. (Maybe they left in a hurry.) That's not a problem for me, but I don't recommend you drop in until I've had a chance to sweep up. Not that you'll listen. You never do.

Still, it's not as wild as my childhood digs. There's a certain cleanliness in the air. Maybe that's just the ozone. I can hardly tell the difference any more.

Heck of a lightshow up there last night. M stars are like that, you know, kicking up a fuss every now and then. Of course you came through all right. You always do. That's what makes you so useful. And so dangerous. No wonder you keep making such interesting friends. Perhaps I should arrange another play-date with them? I've heard that it stimulates the intellect.

I know that you're wondering about me. I wish I could believe it was concern for my health, but of course it's your own hide that worries you. Never mind. I'll be fine. I haven't felt like this since the week Shamhat and I... but that would be gossiping, too.

Besides, you're asking the wrong question. You should be asking, "Igigi, or Anunnaki?" I'm not sure I could answer. But I don't need to.

You're the one with the secret decoder rings. Why don't you go find out, hmm? I've got some scrubbing to do.



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