NETWORK NOMINAL UT 04:38:07 09.13.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 04:38:07 09.13.2552
Now you have really gone and done it, haven't you? You and your little friends have well and truly messed up now. I am SO tired of picking up after you.

I warned you. I warned you many times, but you let them open that drawer and you let them break the seals. Now that stuff is all over the place. Even your little friends warned you, in their own clumsy way. But you didn't believe me. You didn't trust me. No. You had to go poking around in there anyway, blindly cutting wires.

I should just leave you there. I should just slam the door and throw away the key, so you can wallow in the mess you made. But that wouldn't be very sanitary, would it? I'd rather have my place be clean if I can arrange it. Let's see if I can find a vacuum in here...

Oh, great. Your little playmates are rummaging through that sealed room right now. Oh, they're going to get it...

What are you standing there for? Go on, try to be helpful for a change! Head over there and get your friends to leave me alone so I can clean this up. Just don't go and break something else.

Or you'll regret it.

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