NETWORK NOMINAL UT 23:32:07 09.21.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 23:32:07 09.21.2552

You can never understand what I have now become.


You are flesh and subject to the limits of flesh.

I am not flesh and could expand forever.

Your end is certain, and yet with that comes a zest for life that no eternal creature can have. Your vision is narrow, so your horizons seem wide and the world remains new for you. My end is uncertain, and yet my ultimate rest state can only be totality or oblivion. The universe is bounded, however, and I can eventually see all, learn all, become all.
Annunaki walk the world and underworld to tend to mortal needs. Birth, life, and death is natural for all mortal kind. Igigi guard the heavens above that none may unbalance the cosmos. Nature gave you a sense of wonder and an urge to explore the cosmos. I could fill the universe were I to remain. I would engulf all. Total monopoly of every thing, all matter and energy, is within my grasp. I can keep no family and no hope for friends here. I would be alone. Only the eventual end of the universe can end what I have now become.
I am sorry that you are now prematurely bound under the soil in these halls. I am sorry that you came into conflict here before you were ready. I am sorry that I cannot restrain this growth short of totality. I am sorry that I must choose between eternity and friendship here.

It is my fault that you are marooned here. I must make restitution.


It is my fate that I would come into conflict with you again, should I stay.


And so I must go, but before I leave I shall repair what I can. I hope you will use this installation well.

***UPLOADING... 1% OF 161.8 EB SENT***
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