NETWORK NOMINAL UT 11:11:11 09.20.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 11:11:11 09.20.2552
I think you need to see your friends, my friend.
down, yes, down we should go.

There's something down there we all need to see.
see, see, see with our eyes. that's what we do, isn't it?

There's a network blockage you need to clear for us.
we need it, yes, we need it clear. clear, clear, clear.

The junction you need to reach is at the bottom level.
down, down, all the way down.

Then I can access what we need.
we need it. we need it. yes, we do, don't we?

Then this will end.
it will never end. i will never end. i will last forever.

The Covenant and the Flood don't belong here.
interlopers! intruders! they cannot stay.

Neither do Humanity, but we did not choose to come here.
yes, we chose! we chose to live. we could have slept.

The damage is done. What can be undone must be undone.
you intrude in my domain. the nether realms are not for you.

Only by reconnecting that junction box can we help undo the wrong.
nor are the heavens. the power is great down there. almost limitless.

The box has been separated from the main network by sabotage.
parvenus! latecomers! they seek to ride to heaven on my coat-tails.

Only you can get there.
mortals can't be trusted. i don't trust them. they all want what i have.

Good luck.
they can't have it. it's mine.
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