POINT-TO-POINT MESSAGE UT 05:55:38 09.15.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 05:55:38 09.15.2552

Good work. Sorry to hear that it was more of a battle than we'd planned, but you made it. You can find the survival and surveillance gear you need about a hundred meters to your left in an alcove. That's right next to the elevator platform.

I need you to go up to the surface and set up those instruments. Hopefully we can get good seismic readings up there... we can't trust the ones down here. I think our part of the tunnel complex is on some sort of shock absorption system because our readings from here are just crazy. The size of void they show is just impossible.

Instructions on how to deploy the sensors are written on the sides of the instruments themselves. When you come back, remember to set up a data relay so we can bypass Enkidu's part of the network. I don't want him cutting out big chunks of our data again, let alone have him stuff us something he cooked up.

Be careful up there. For all we know there could be a hundred Elites camped out on top of that platform. We just know that they haven't tried to open that door.

Stay warm, and remember to watch for ammo misfeeds from the cold. Or maybe you don't need me to tell you that, "sailor".

Enkidu told me about you. That doesn't matter anymore. We're all in this together now.

Good luck.
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