NETWORK NOMINAL UT 00:00:01 09.22.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 00:00:01 09.22.2552

My God.

Maybe it's wrong to say that.

Whatever Enkidu had become is gone. Where to I don't know. He's thoughtfully left behind a little friend though, named Humbaba. From what I can understand he's built from whatever was left of the original AI in here... but he's not terribly conversational. He's barely self-aware.

The Covenant are gone, too. Whatever Enkidu did set off a monster solar flare that wiped out the battle group in orbit. I don't think there's much glacier left on the surface after that, let alone ground troops. We'll leave any survivors for the Flood and break contact.

Humbaba has made it perfectly clear that the grav pulse generators will remain online. It hurts like hell to admit it, but he's right. We can't risk letting the Flood loose from here. So we can't leave, at least until we find a cure. And that won't be soon, if the age of this place is any hint.

We do have a new home to go to, however. There are vast caverns set aside as environmental preserves all through this complex. One of them has been picked by Humbaba as ours. We shouldn't be too badly off... Humbaba will even let us use some of the lab equipment nearby for research. We really do need your cover expertise in cryonics as we've seen some promise in using cryostasis to keep hosts under control.

No matter what happens now, some of Humanity will survive. Even if Earth gets glassed there's still us, and whatever children we have. The Covenant can't touch us here with our pet flare star, and we can escape the Flood long enough that they'll run out of food. Eventually.

The complex isn't all physically connected, just in case of an accident like this. The transport system is for getting past the "bulkheads" between sections. We've ironed out the bugs now that we have a nanny to hold our hands, but for now we'll keep to transporting from fixed location to fixed location. One hundred and twenty meters east-southeast of you there's a different-coloured floor panel. Stand on that and we can fix you in.

Stand at ease, sailor. You're coming home.
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