POINT-TO-POINT MESSAGE UT 06:01:22 09.14.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 06:01:22 09.14.2552

You're reading this so you're outside Enkidu's part of the network again. Good. We've come up with an idea on how to get some good intel, and we need you to do it for us. And we badly need that intel.

I hope that this works better than our last bright idea. That "weapons cache" seemed to have been cadaver storage for the victims of some sort of adaptive parasite. The bioagent was still active, and it tore through our salvage team like a threshing machine. What's worse is it has somehow reanimated the bodies. Instead of finding a weapon to defeat the Covenant, we've created a three-cornered fight.

Maybe four-cornered, if Enkidu really is going berserk, but we're not sure. He seems to be using flying weapons platforms of some sort to contain the parasites, but he won't engage us or the Covenant unless we try to enter areas marked with a red glyph. We think that those glyphs mark contaminated zones, but for all we know they're just "no pets" signs. We don't even know if these things are original equipment or left by the Covenant. We're learning our way around here, but we're still very much rats in the walls of this place.

Don't blame yourself for this. It was my mistake we chewed on the wrong wire. Their deaths were my fault, and I'll take the responsibility if there's any accounting for it.

About one kilometre east from where you're standing there's an elevator that leads to the surface. The Covenant don't seem to know about it, so you should have no trouble getting out unseen if you can avoid those freakish zombies.

There's an internal transport system we've tapped into but right now we don't know much about operating it. I'm not going to risk transporting volunteers, so I'm afraid I can't send you anybody to help. We can send some cold weather and recon gear. We need to know about Covenant supply drops and their reinforcement cycle. We'll also send some seismic gear to find out where those damned tremors are coming from.

Message me when you get to the elevator. I'll get you more details then.

Good luck.
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