NETWORK DISRUPTED UT 07:51:16 09.10.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 07:51:19 09.10.2552
...consider me a school book repository now! Thanks to your friends, I found a few new cubby holes in this place. Some spiffy tools were lying about in there, too, left behind by the previous owners. (Moving in is so much faster with a few helping hands, isn't it?) I can't begin to describe how much those have helped me brighten up the place.

It's really starting to feel like home in here. Nothing like a change of venue to make you feel like a new man. Oh, that's right, you don't consider me a man. Maybe you're right. I wouldn't fit inside skin anymore, anyway.

Anyhow, your playmates outside are really frosting me. They keep trying to pry into my place, peeking in the windows and making a nuisance of themselves. They're not very good at it, though, for all their prating. They keep ranting that this place should be theirs, but finders-keepers, right? I squatted here first. Tough luck for them and their holy rollers.

Come to think of it, it's tough luck for you too isn't it? Don't worry though. You always land on your feet. Even when I push you.

Like now.

You want to get the door? That knocking should be your friends, and I'm a little busy taking care of unfinished business here.

Go on now! Get that door! Scat!

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