AUX-UPS ENGAGED UT 13:13:42 08.18.2552

Hangar Terminal Access D <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 13:13:44 08.18.2552

It is unfortunate that you did not get to the hangar bay in time. We could not have anticipated Covenant survivors, let alone a boarding action. I am pleased to learn that you survived. We will need every skilled hand we can get in the days ahead.

Pelican Squadron Able has successfully entered orbit around Frigid. Initial surveys show that the Covenant frigate we encountered has excavated a large circular portion of the day-side glacier. At the very center of the dig is a metallic signature that we cannot recognise. Lieutenant Demarais wishes to use this as our landing zone but I am afraid that it would also mark our location should the Covenant return.

I believe that I will be outvoted, and there are good reasons for landing there. If nothing else, we may learn more about what interested the Covenant in this otherwise unremarkable dwarf-star system. I find it worrisome that they were here. We have no way of warning Fleet Command that the Covenant have been so close to Reach.

Worrying about the impossible is a luxury we do not have. Survival must be our first priority, and we must plan for a long stay on Frigid.

I will try to contact you after we land. Please relay my best wishes to the Captain.

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