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Thought you would like some light reading while sunbathing.

Enkidu opened his mouth to speak, saying to Gilgamesh:
"In the Forest of Cedar, where Humbaba dwells, there lie many pitfalls.
"They are deep and dark and cold, and have not been trod upon in ages.
"Traps can close on the unwitting.  Gaps can close on the unwary.

"Even should we surmount these pitfalls, there is still Humbaba himself!
"His breath is death, his speech is fire, his ears hear all in the Forest.
"We would be wise to walk far away.  We should seek this timber elsewhere.
"There is good wood in many green and pleasant lands."

Gilgamesh opened his mouth to speak, saying to Enkidu:
"My brother!  Why do you show fear?  You are shaped by Aruru from humble clay.
"You stand at my side by Her will.  We can do no wrong by honouring Her home!
"For it is to honour Her home and Her children that I seek this timber.

"There are green and pleasant lands. They are across seas too broad to swim.  
"Our punting poles are shorn away. We must walk to seek our good wood.
"The Forest is near and we can reach it dry-shod.  We know how cedars fall!
"We have our hatchets and great axes.  We can fight as well as hew."

Enkidu opened his mouth to speak, saying to Gilgamesh:
"My brother!  You are mighty, but you are born of flesh.  Remember Humbaba!
"His voice is the Deluge!  His speech is fire!  He is cherished by Anu!
"Should we defeat him, He would be weakened. Dread Nergal could go free.

"There are others, of far forests, who would stop us in this trespass.
"Their anger is terrible.  Their wrath is implacable.  They adore the gods.
"They share his speech.  They use it often. They would burn Uruk-the-sheepfold!
"They would bake our land to brick.  Turn back, and reach that farther shore."

Gilgamesh seated himself upon his throne.  He braced his hands upon the rests.
He opened his mouth to speak, saying to Enkidu:
"You have wisdom of which I do not know, but I am he who wears the crown.
"We already tread the Path of the Sun.  We will walk it to reach the Forest."

Enkidu opened his mouth to speak, but said nothing to Gilgamesh.
He stood aside from his fleshly brother and wept for him instead.

A rewrite of an oldie, sure, but I like my version better. Pleasant dreams!


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