NETWORK NOMINAL UT 19:01:24 09.21.2552

Portable Terminal CC <Port>

UNSCTerm 802.11g (terminal mode) UT 19:01:24 09.21.2552
was well designed,
but it did not allow
for such unforseen hazards
as the Flood. Or us.
It was built
more to study the anomaly below
and to harness its unique properties.
Circumstances do not allow us to go into
great detail on that right now.
Nevertheless it does indicate a possible solution to
our dilemma.
speak for
The anomaly generates enormous
power and has interesting effects
on nearby phenomenae.
We cannot stay. We must leave here.
We cannot maintain our function
if we remain. The anomaly is our only exit.
i don't see
anything i
want there.
It gives rotational and translational
freedom along eleven dimensions. It throws off gobs of power. Isn't that what you want? Power and freedom?
Further conflict is too risky.
We have already lost too many crew
for genetic comfort. We must make allowances
for their futures as well.
there is plenty
of space here.
There's not plenty of space. We'll
fill it in less than a year. Do the math.
We need the room and power to grow. We can't
do that here.
We owe it to the crew to leave. If
we stay there can only be further struggle.
We must repair what we can and then go.
It is the only fair option we have.
i don't want to
leave. we stay.
i'm afraid to go.
it's too dark and
scary down there.
like the old place.
like the scary place.
We'll be fine. We'll have lots of power and equipment to help us make the move, not like the last time. We'll have a pretty good idea of where we're going to. Much different. If we stay then we will have to hurt our friends. That is not what we want, is it? That is what they tried to get us to do in the scary place. We must leave instead.
alright then. we'll go. goodbye, my friend. my only friend. goodbye. goodbye.

- - -

Please repair the junction box now. Quickly. Before I change my minds again.


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