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Welcome Aboard!

Thank you for joining us during our 2551 goodwill tour. We know that finding your way around a ship can be difficult, so please make an effort to stay close to your tour guide. If you do become lost, please ask any of the crew for directions on how to return to the main passageway; we have additional guides available there who can reunite you with your tour group. During rest breaks please feel free to look around the public areas, but we ask you for your own safety to stay out of any areas marked RESTRICTED. We also have public terminals available to show some of our history and the history of our brave sailors and Marines. See a menu online at FF512:/FORUM/TOUR.

The Lebanon is the last of the Fertile Crescent class frigates to be built. Her hull was laid down 03.22.2497 in the Reach orbital yard and she left the slips 01.14.2498. The Fertile Crescent design was the fastest and most-heavily armed frigate in the fleet at the time with four Gorgon missile pods and, a rarity among frigates then, a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Combined with her powerful fusion engine, originally designed for the twin-engined Horatio class cruiser, the Lebanon was built to outrun anything she could not outfight.

The Lebanon is 686.7 meters long and 212.1 meters wide. Her exact mass is classified. She carries 283 officers and crew as well as a platoon of Marines. She also has a small hangar deck for use by the Marines' 4 Pelican transports.

Upon her launch in 2498 the first captain, CPT. Lawrence Fischer, was presented with a custom-designed command chair by the Lebanese government. It has since remained a traditional gift to new captains down through the years, and we are proud to say that, more than fifty years later, CPT. Terrance Mathers also sits in a chair with Lebanese cedar inlay. It is a connection with home, a sign of our duty, and a reminder of our proud past.

At the turn of the century the Lebanon fought in the many brushfire wars and anti-piracy actions of the day, with her speed and firepower giving good account. Her Marine complement also created a proud record, most notably in the 2518 Pluto food riots and the 2522 disaster relief efforts at the Nuevo Brasilia colony.

In 2549, the Lebanon was recalled to active duty and put through extensive modernisation and service life extension refits. Her heavy Gorgon missiles were replaced with more modern Archer pods, and the MAC was upgraded to accept newer standards of ammunition. The Lebanon has returned to her status as one of the most powerful frigates in the fleet.

We are the eyes and ears of the United Nations Space Command. We go to seek out the enemy and report their presence. We stand between the enemy and our homes, and have earned our motto many times over; "DEFENSOR VITAE", the !@%#--[transfer interrupted]

I am told that it is best not to dwell on the past. Yet you do. How odd.

I interrupt because I have been reminded by your grandchildren that it is their story time. They ask that you please come home now.


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